Buyer Brain is a consumer and customer insights company that uses cutting edge neuroscience to delve deep into customers emotions and deliver consumer insights.

Resultant of the many years of consumer research expertise, Buyer Brain offers custom designed workshops and training that help catalyze your organization to gain relevant industry-related knowledge, a deeper understanding of the market and of possible solutions to your pain areas.

Through strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading companies in the industry,
Buyer Brain delivers comprehensive solutions that help your business overcome the toughest customer and consumer pain points.



  • Ana Iorga Founder and Chief Neuroscientist

    Ana Iorga is a savvy consumer neuroscience expert that has a passion for bringing science to marketing. She has over a decade of experience as an advertising professional and entrepreneur, leading a full-service advertising agency. She founded Buyer Brain in 2012.

  • Anil V. Pillai Director Strategy

    Spanning a professional career of over two decades, Anil Pillai is an experienced engagement strategy expert. His area of expertise is in building and executing customer engagement, customer experience and customer centricity solutions for organizations. He is also a certified Micro-Expressions Expert and Neuroscience Performance Coach. He works with Fortune 500 companies who are some of the largest brands in Asia and globally.

  • Vlad Enache Head of R&D

    Vlad wears multiple hats at Buyer Brain, being involved in R&D and hardware and data processing algorithms development. He takes care of the conception, design and implementation of innovative experiments, aimed at discovering new ways of determining emotional reactions based on biometric proxies that are easily recorded.

  • Ioana Calen Research and communication

    Having graduated from the Philosophy University, Ioana has a theoretical background and extensive experience as a journalist in diverse areas like culture, technology and economy. She is currently working as an editor, copywriter and image consultant.

  • Cîmpan Ramona-Maria Senior Researcher

    Senior Researcher with solid educational background in Consumer Psychology and Neuropsychology. Has extensive experience with integrated online marketing campaigns and performance marketing (Google AdWords Certified).

  • Denisa Berceanu Research Specialist

    Denisa attributes her long-standing interest in psychology, human mind and behaviour. She received a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Organizational Psychology. Pushed by a strong desire to bring science to life, Denisa is pursuing a PhD in Psychology, where she is expected to graduate in 2020.

  • Denisa Guță Project Manager

    Denisa graduated from the ASE University in Bucharest and she has over 5 years experience in Marketing and event organisation. She has worked for clients from the Auto Industry and also in recruitment unconventional projects.

  • Mihai Constantin International Business Development

    Mihai is responsible for the relationship between Buyer Brain and European partner companies.
    He has graduated from the Political Science Faculty and spend his post graduation years working for big names in the IT sector as well as innovative start-ups.



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