Resultant of the many years of consumer research expertise, Buyer Brain offers custom designed workshops and training that help catalyze your organization to gain relevant industry-related knowledge, a deeper understanding of the market and of possible solutions to your pain areas.


The Buyer Brain team has extensive expertise in acquiring deep customer insights with neuro-based tools. We help your organization access invaluable neuro-powered industry-related knowledge that will set your business ahead of the competition.

Buyer Brain workshops are custom designed trainings that address your company’s current and specific needs and pain points.

These workshops are tailored within your organizational context, such that you and your team acquire the knowledge that will allow you to make better decisions on your neuro related choices and ensure a higher success rate for the neuro related projects you may wish to undertake within your organization.

The Buyer Brain Neuroscience workshop:

1) Contextual understanding – foremost we want to understand your exact market and organizational context, current competition and challenges, internal processes and operational systems. We also want to learn about the professional background and direct objectives of the team members that are to undergo the workshop.
2) Pain diagnosis – we would like to understand your customers’ pain points and how they relate to those pain points, the perceived benefits and shortcomings of your products or services, and the added value that you hope that neuro-based research would bring to solving those specific pain points.
3) Workshop design

a. Design a custom build program that delivers knowledge on consumer neuroscience, tools and industry related insights that are tailored to the above-identified pain points and to the expected objectives
b. Provide clear and easy to act upon deliverables.
c. Provide a strategic action plan to be implemented by the participants after the workshop.

4) BB workshop delivery – at the company premises or other locations.
5) Follow-up session – an optional workshop session that takes place 120-180 days after the initial workshop with the purpose of checking on the progress, monitoring the effects of implemented actions etc.

Additionally, Buyer Brain offers fast-track 1 or half-day training workshops that cover the following areas:

a) Introduction to Neuromarketing basics/fundamentals
b) Introduction to Neuromarketing tools and technology + demonstrations
c) Basics of Consumer Insights
d) The Golden Rule Book of Neuromarketing (do’s and don’ts based on hard science).


Because we believe that knowledge is a prerequisite to success, we offer you direct access to all the relevant industry-related data that Buyer Brain has collected through its many years of conducting consumer research studies.


Buyer Brain has created a number of white papers that can serve as guides to better understanding the neuromarketing landscape (tools, applications, results interpretation, how to use it and specific problems it can solve).
Find the one that fits best your curiosity and download it for free.

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