Increase cross sell and NTB business
In the banking industry

The objective of the study was to create a differentiated customer experience across the customer journey for one of the largest banks in India. Access to both consumer behavior and emotion insights required that the study design included declarative tools and implicit testing. Results from both types of approaches were compared to better understand if the bank engaged with its personal loan customers as expected, and to determine how it could further drive differential customer engagement for such personal loans customers. The overall study results uncovered 4 experiential customer segments based on desired experiential needs, 2 of which were completely unknown and untapped by the bank, prior to this research, and much more.

Read the complete study case here.

Increased cross-sell & NTB business
Shopper Journey & Purchasing behavior

The impact of different communication channels on shopper behavior - In a virtual reality store

The objective of the study was to measure the impact of different communication channels on shopping behavior by analyzing customers’ reactions in a virtual supermarket as they interacted with branded communication materials or scanned a product shelf. The study was performed using the Oculus Rift goggles with eye-tracking that projected the stimulus (the virtual supermarket tour) and monitored people’s eye-activity while in the store. Their brain activity was recorded using an EEG headset. Results showed that people’s behavior was influenced by the in-store experience, although they did not consciously recall it. We could see from the eye-tracking results that people did not pay attention to the promotional materials, but nevertheless, they were primed with the message at a nonconscious level.

Read the complete study case here.

Neurodesign: create more efficient product packaging
In the FMCG space

The objective of this study was to test the performance of product packaging at the shelf by using only neuroscience-powered tools. These included: Eye-Tracking, an EEG head set, a GSR device, and IAT (implicit testing).

The study measured participants’ level of interest towards the product packaging and the impact that different visual elements had on their behavior.

Read the complete study case here.

The impact of packaging
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