Vlad EnacheHead of R&D

About Vlad

Vlad wears multiple hats at Buyer Brain, being involved in R&D and hardware and data processing algorithms development. He takes care of the conception, design and implementation of innovative experiments, aimed at discovering new ways of determining emotional reactions based on biometric proxies that are easily recorded. He is also on a quest to finding new methods for synthetic and intuitive presentation of complex multidimensional results for a non-specialist audience. His daily activities require a thorough knowledge of psychology, mathematics, medicine, biophysics, and statistical programming along with management skills, good organization and team coordination.

Although he graduated from the Polytechnics University, he has always been attracted by extra curricular, non-technical activities. He worked as a journalist for many years, received a Voice of America scholarship in the US and then switched to marketing and advertising. He cofounded one of the first advertising agencies in Bucharest, 20 years ago.

However, he continued to develop his passion for science, mathematics, physics, logic, philosophy, biology, physiology and programming. In 2016 he received his PhD from the Polytechnic University and his thesis was highly appreciated as an outstanding scientific piece of research. Half of his PhD thesis was devoted to studying the cardiovascular & pulmonary systems, and he gained extensive physiological knowledge that turned to be extremely valuable in the context of neuromarketing research.

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